Formed in late 2013, IMPA already represents 15 community associations, professional bodies and a growing number of businesses. Including individuals, our combined membership is now over 3,350 people, from an inner Melbourne[1] population of some half a million.

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The Inner Melbourne Planning Alliance (IMPA) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit association that brings together community, professional, industry and business bodies, with committed individuals from across Melbourne, to engage with government on the major changes proposed for inner Melbourne.

We accept that the city must change to meet the challenges of climate change, population growth and the future demands for freight and housing, however there are many pathways to meet these demands. Although the city planning process includes a community consultation stage, at best, the outcomes are carefully managed to achieve what can be pre-determined outcomes. Clear information is difficult to obtain and the community relies entirely on volunteers from small, local organizations to represent their interests.


We are concerned that permanent changes to Melbourne are happening without meaningful participation from all stakeholders.

Sustainable city planning requires an open, rigorous and non-adversarial process before irrevocable decisions are made. IMPA advocates for an inclusive and transparent planning process that involves community members, developers and planners on an equal footing, with each providing a valuable contribution. In a participatory system, planning authorities continue to make final decisions, but they do so on the basis of reliable research on the social, environmental and economic consequences of current and future proposals. Ideas are then tested through a rigorous urban design process before they are implemented.

The outcome of a participatory process!

The outcome of a participatory process!

Secured Community Benefit

The staged inclusion of public space, amenities and infrastructure must be secured while, at the same time,  city plans must be able to adapt to changing circumstances. The formation of IMPA enables government to consult directly with those who live, learn and work in the inner Melbourne area. Community-based knowledge and experience is essential to understanding how this city works today, and that knowledge has an even more important contribution to make in planning the Melbourne of tomorrow.

The services and level of representation we provide to our members will be directly dependent on the number of members and the funding levels of the organization. We encourage community groups, individuals, developers, businesses and universities to join us. With significant numbers, we gain political influence in a process that will affect current and future communities, for generations to come. After all, this is our city!


  1. To explore ways in which all stakeholders can contribute in a meaningful way to an ongoing urban planning process.

  2. To provide an environment where these issues can be explored through open dialogue.

  3. To raise and allocate funds in order to gather intelligence, undertake research and disseminate information to members.

  4. To provide a cohesive and coherent voice for the community position on major planning initiatives.

  5. To provide independent and considered advice on how planning and design issues will affect the current and future communities of Melbourne.

[1] Inner Melbourne is defined as approximately within a 15 kilometre radius of the CBD, including the City of Melbourne area and all, or parts of, the council areas of Yarra, Port Phillip, Maribyrnong, Moreland and Moonee Valley