Infrastructure Victoria Regional Citizen Jury Report: Recommendations for consideration for Victoria's 30-year infrastructure strategy 

July 2016



We endorse an approach which is above party politics, and provides a long term strategy which can be adhered to by successive governments. Greater levels of coordination and cooperation across all levels of government and within agencies are essential to our progress as a state. 

The strategy should be guided by evidence and research collated by stakeholders to ensure that all Victorians’ basic needs are met at a social, environmental and economic level. We have endorsed options which will promote a Victoria which is progressive, sustainable and takes care of its most vulnerable citizens. All Victorians deserve a high standard of infrastructure. 

We present this report to identify how we will achieve this, over the next thirty years to create the type of Victoria we deserve to live in. 

Existing infrastructure (of almost all descriptions) across Victoria is frequently at or over capacity – we need significant and continuous investment and regulatory change in order to relieve our overburdened infrastructure and set up Victoria to cope with the growth of the next thirty years. 


This document should be used as critical input to the strategies of Infrastructure Victoria in planning future infrastructure projects in Victoria.